Know your competition. Before writing your ad, read similar ads currently running in the newspaper or online to get see how others are posting their ads.

Be Clear. Limit the use of excessive abbreviations not everyone knows what they mean.

Be specific. The more information you provide in your ad, the faster your item will sell.

If you chose to include a price in your ad, qualify it. Words and phrases like "or best offer", and "firm" give the reader your flexibility range. Using phrases like "first $25 takes it home," or "first come, first served" will create a sense of urgency.

Be unique. How is your item better/different than the other ads that will be running next to yours?

Add Photos! Photos will draw the attention of readers to see your ad before anyone else's.

Categorize your ad correctly. You are unlikely to sell a purebred Doberman in the automotive section, no matter how well written the ad is, or how many attention-getters you have included.

Contact information. Be sure to include your town, your phone number with area code, and the best time to call you. By adding your first name to the ad can also help potential buyers to contact you more easily.

Proofread your ad. A simple typo can render your ad useless. Remember, only one letter separates a Buick from a brick!

Upgrade your ad

Enhancing Your Ad Gives It More Visibility

Simply put, the more people who see your ad, the better results you will get. Enhancing your ad or upgrading it increases the likelihood that your ad will be seen by more people. There are several ways you can enhance your ad.


Add e-Commerce - Now you can have e-commerce attached to your online ads! is pleased to offer our customers the opportunity to add PayPal directly into their ads. PayPal is the safest and easiest way to get paid - funds can be deposited into your PayPal account or even into your bank account. While does not charge a fee to integrate e-commerce with your ad, some charges may apply to the PayPal transaction. Be sure to visit PayPal for more information.

Add Photos - a picture is worth a thousand words. People are more likely to contact you with a serious offer when they can see just how fantastic your stuff is.

Make sure that your text is as descriptive as possible - all ads on have a maximum of 750 words. Be sure to use clear and explicit language to describe your stuff. If people can't determine what you're selling, they'll be less likely to click on your ad.

Link your ad to your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or other social networking site - now, this is a special feature that you won't find on other FREE Classified web sites. From your account, whenever you Preview your ad, just click on the ShareThis button to include your ad on your social networking profile page. We currently support sharing to contacts on MySpace, Facebook, AIM, and email, as well as several other social Web sites.

Getting results for your ad is important to us. That's why we've put together some special products to help you out.

Upgrade your ad online

Top Ads - Top Ads puts you into the rotation of ads featured on the right side of the home page. This is a great way to get your ad noticed. Top Ads is included in all of the "BEST" packages and is also available as a standalone upgrade for only $5 for the duration of your ad.

Map It! - Generate and include an online map with your ad


Include your ad in print - After all of these years, newspaper advertising is still king! Where else can you reach half a million readers on a daily basis?

The Columbus Dispatch - The Dispatch is the No. 1 source of information in central Ohio and the only daily newspaper serving all of the Columbus metropolitan market. The Dispatch delivers your print ad to nearly 500,000 readers during the week and 750,000 on Sunday. 1

alive! - alive! is the official guide to your weekend. Every Thursday, Columbus' trendsetters rely on alive! to find out what's going on in our great city. Each free issue is packed with dining, film, and nightlife news, reviews and listings, making alive! an invaluable weekly resource.

ThisWeek Community News - ThisWeek Community News are an award-winning group of publications comprised of 23 community editions that focus on local news like no one else in central Ohio. This tight focus translates into greater exposure for your print ad in your neighborhood.

The best time to upgrade is when you are booking your ad - that way you'll maximize the results your ad will get.

1(Source: Scarborough Research, 2006 (Release 1).

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